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Creative industries are one of the United States’ fastest growing business sectors and are key to creating a diverse society and economy. South Salt Lake contains a remarkable creative cluster, a place where art meets craft:


Scope Out THE ZONE?

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THE ZONE -  located between 2100 South and Mill Creek (3000 S) along West Temple between State Street and TRAX - is a supportive and welcoming community stimulating local economic growth through creative, small businesses such as music, drink, dance, art, print, design, and craftsman industries that produce and sell hand-made products for local enjoyment.

There's always something for you in THE ZONE!


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  • Unique Events

  • Amazing Public Art

  • Small Retail Stores  & Restaurants 

  • New Housing and Office Space

  • Walkable, Bikeable and on Transit

  • Collaborative Social Community

  • Industrial Past and Creative Industry Future


The identity of THE ZONE is a creative energy of

entrepreneurs and artists.

A strong identity attracts others by creating a distinctive place that is appealing, filled with people, products, places of interest,


The right people, the right place, the right plan - that is what it takes to make something big happen. Read more about how we are

Designing and Growing a Creative Industries Zone.