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Featured Artist

Keith Beard

Working out of Miri Gallery in South Salt Lake City, I have focused my work on the use of mixed media, sculpture, and performance art as my cup of tea. I really like seeing the potential of materials or mediums in a pareidolia way as well as giving them life. My work gravitates to the whimsical and dark visuals as part of my visual vocabulary. Not sure what the subconscious is saying.  


My process begins by allowing myself to be vulnerable to the unknown. Exploring the material’s potential without having preconceived notions about what it is going to become. Bending, cutting, melting, sewing, drawing, ink splatters, or creating abstract gestures creates a starting point. From this point the creativity kicks in and I can start defining the final outcome. The mask, costume, and sculptures make the ideas from sketches become real and tangible. 


I'm interested in mask making as well to explore the creation of personas and how how these new characters are enabling for one to becoming something new or to conceal ones inabilities.  

My art gives me the ability to examine my own fears of not becoming or meeting my full potential in this life. 


Another adventure is producing a my show Art with Kee Kee on youtube. I have found this platform has given me a vehicle to show my work and skills as well as participating in sharing ideas. So check it out. 

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